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Jane Roberts
Questions and discussions for those that are new to the Seth material.

TOPIC: Manifesting - the practical guide.

Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8119

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To whom it may concern,

Does anyone have a practical step by step guide to manifesting or creating your own reality? based on the seth material?

The second book outlines some steps I take but it seems to allude me on how to make something I desire happen - it seems always to manifest but I cannot get my hands on it due to a lack of one thing or another.

What I am looking for is distinct, clear set of ordered steps to manifesting a specific object.

One of the problems I have with the writings of seth - to me at least, some parts are vague in some instances and are more of a "fill in the blanks" or that it is some how hidden in the paragraphs meanings.....

Would anyone please be able to help or if someone here has their perfect life, please specify the exact steps they took - with that said though, I am aware of my beliefs and their impact on my life, but the issue is I whole heartedly believe that I am supposed to be something, yet I am not.

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Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8120

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1. Know what you want

2. Imagine that which you want

I hope this helps. "You get what you concentrate on, there is no other rule". Seth
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Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8123

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***so long and thanks for all the fish***
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Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8124

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Hello All.

As always, I extend the following caveat:

What follows here is a reflection of MY “truth” – which is held in my own embrace as gently as if it were “created” from the sheerest of gossamer…which, in MY world…it most certainly is.

“You create your own reality”. Seth
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Mohandas Gandhi
"Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid? How ridiculous!" Lao Tzu
“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”Carl Jung
…ain’t it the “truth”? – Myndpeace

Our friend, Seth, applying his usual aplomb when interacting with his “dear readers”, contributed countless “guideposts” for those Individual Creators (Us!) who had chosen to participate within the perceived parameters of this kind of physical “reality”. The following gleaming jewel was placed amidst the lumps of coal so often perceived by those who choose to judge their Individual “reality” as such:

“The point of power is in the present.” Lumped into :) ;) “The Nature of Personal Reality” Seth

An aside: Did you ever wonder why Seth would choose to begin virtually all his sentiments in the manner of “Now.”? Perhaps the “why” of the matter is to serve the purpose of offering to his readers a constant reminder of what is perceived by some as the above “lump of coal”; sometimes this ever-present “clue” is, truly, “hidden in plain sight”…this despite its very “real” foundational significance.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

From another posting within this wonderful forum, I have pirated a few of my own thoughts when considering all this “messy” gossamer:

“The very essence, the “stuff” that is All That Is is representative of absolute homogeny. This divine loam is malleable to an unimaginable degree; and all information is, thusly, available everywhere and at all “times”. The non-locality premise associated with Quantum Physics mirrors this assumption. Of course, concepts such as “here”, “there”, “time” etc. merely ideas derived from our own current experience relating to physicality. And, when those concepts are, by choice, “limited” to the appropriate physical experience, they can prove to be quite handy when an Individual Creator seeks coherence TO that perceived physical adventure...

…However, All That Is isn’t limited to our beliefs and assumptions; and neither is Its “stuff”. Instead, all potential is without content of either “good”, “evil” etc. Instead, it is “neutral” and can appear to reflect whatever values and judgments are levied upon It by the Consciousness which selects It for actualization and interactivity”.

“…this divine loam…” - a shout out to Moonbeam here. :)

I’ll close here with a bit more of an overt caveat – and please know this caution is offered with all respect and reverence:

In the vein of applying values and judgments such as …“here”, “there”, “time” etc. derived from experience within the Individually chosen and assumed parameters of a specific “kind” of reality probability (as “physical” compared to “non-physical”, Jane Roberts herself (a shamelessly obvious shout out to “Rubert” here”) :) offered the following [paraphrased] sentiment:

“It’s an inappropriate analogy. It would be like someone trying to define the aesthetic qualities of a, say, a Rose…in terms of the number 3.”

Perhaps an approach such as stepping outside of Yourself, so to speak, and intuitively viewing the world You create…hmm.

As before I extend my sincerest “Thanks for listening” sentiment…

Now! ;)

"It is not that you exist in a "lesser" reality. It is simply that you do not understand the reality in which you exist."
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Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8125

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To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your reply posts.

The sum of my frustrations can be reflected in these response posts....

Allow me to explain.

When reading these frustrations - please consider them in the context of attempting to manifesting a specific situation.

@ Dreamer

To know what you want is easy - most people know what they want right off the bat.

Imagining is just as easy - after all, if it is something you really desire there is no effort (at least on my part) to vividly imagine the situation - and have the sights, smells and tastes of that situation manifest (have you ever had that? can you taste dinner while its cooking on the stove without actually taking a bite?)

@ moon
"supposed to be" - clarification: have you ever known, that without a doubt, in no-unquestionable terms
you were supposed to have something, but when you look around you, you are not that which you are supposed to be? and even though you look around yourself in your life, it reflex nothing of that super strong belief?

Thank you for bringing some posts across
1 " How do you feel about these details?" answer: the one emotion that i have is that there can be so much more!, and created fulfilled (special note: this is not "so much more" from a greedy emotion, but from an emotion of "filling your maximum potential and making the most of life" emotion - that is as close of a written explanation as i can muster)

2 Know what your REALLY want - answer: yes i understand about following back to the reason for the desire and that is logical but I understand the reasons and follow them back

3 with this - the specific situation I wish to manifest, very little action is needed.

Im sorry but your response is a group of cryptic phrases put together.

my apologies if I have made my intention here unclear.

Perhaps my intention is will be made clearer by explaining what I have done, and therefor you can know what has been going on

I am attempting to outline specific steps to create a specific situation.
I have:
* outlined what I wish to have
* reasons for having it
* taken action to make it happen
* generated that feeling(s) owning it, being in its presence, feeling exactly as it should(this last one is a bit cloudy in its description)
* I have used the point of "from now on" (point of now)

I can partially manifest what I wish, but then when it is needed, for the situation to become fully crystalised, i just do not have the energy because i spent all my energy on the first stage of manifesting.

with that though, I will put a disclaimer here - saying "i can partially manifest what I wish" may make some people consider me mad, and if I were in their shoes without the information about seth that I have read, I too would also consider myself completely off the radar.

So I will be a little less cryptic

What are the steps you (anyone here) take to manifest a specific situation?
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Manifesting - the practical guide. 2 years 7 months ago #8126

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Might I offer something I observed that may (or may not) be of use? I don't know if this is the case, but you mentioned in your response to Moon that "there can be so much more". That right there implies being in a state of not being so much more, because the perspective is "can be so much more". Is that the case with your process? I mention this respectfully, but also empathically as I am watching my own beliefs as I am changing them from this state. Are you perhaps feeling without, while still working on getting what you want?

I have also noticed in my own work on this, that I require doing the work you have listed, letting it go as much as possible while taking note and appreciating exactly what I have manifested in the current moment. It seems that while I focus on appreciating and enjoying what I have currently, what I want comes more easily within that realm of appreciation and joy.

Hope this helps, if even a bit.

Follow Your Bliss
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